Owner-operator of Huntsville Piano Works, Tim Sullivan has a diploma in Piano Technology from George Brown College, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, attended under scholarship the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts and is a member of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians. He has been tuning, repairing and rebuilding pianos since 1990. His level of education, expertise and experience combine to give the customer an incredibly high level of service and professionalism. Tim's background as a musician enables him to understand and therefore meet customers' needs from many different perspectives.

Tim enjoys keeping that wonderful home piano maintained and musical so that years of enjoyment will be realized and your investment will be heard. Tim has also been relied upon to ensure concert pianos are at their very best by the Algonquin Theatre, the Huntsville Festival of the Arts, HAPA, the North Bay Symphony, the Timmins Kiwanis Festival, the Gravenhurst Opera House, the Haliburton Pavillion, the Rene M. Caisse Memorial Theatre and the the Stocking Centre just to name a few.

Whether it is tuning, repairs, regulation, pitch-raising etc.,or maybe even a complete rebuild you can be sure you will be happy with the work. Quality workmanship is a key conviction of Huntsville Piano Works and Tim Sullivan.

If it is time for a new piano or a " new to you" piano Tim only offers pianos that he is confident will leave the customer happy and satisfied with their choice. As a Young Chang dealer Tim firmly believes that the buyer is getting a really good bang for their buck. Young Chang offers a beautiful selection of uprights and grands at a very reasonable price. These are high quality musical instruments all backed with atleast a 10 year warranty. If you are looking for a "new to you" piano Tim usually has a few on hand. Some are ready to move to a new home right away. Some are awaiting Tim's rejuvenating touch before he will allow them to leave as they must meet his high standards for functionality, playability and of course musicality.

Never hesitate to ask a question or have anything clarified. Well informed decisions always lead to better results.

Tim's musical background is definitely an ingredient in Tim's abilities and passion for pianos.Tim grew up in a very musical family with one sister, four brothers and very large extended family. Music was a part of daily life and a big part of any special occasion or event. Tim carried on the tradition, playing piano in Jazz clubs in Montreal and being recorded by CBC. While in Toronto, Tim played professionally on a regular basis. Since making Huntsville home for himself and his family, Tim has performed at numerous events including; Huntsville Festival of the Arts, Music at Noon, the Northern Blues Review and is the house pianist at the Muskoka Jazz Jam sessions occurring weekly at The Hideaway Pub in Huntsville. One highlight is when he performed iat Heinz Hall with the Pittsburgh Symphony. He played with two of his brothers, Peter Sullivan (acclaimed First Trombonist with the Pittsburgh Symphony) and Joe Sullivan (highly esteemed jazz trumpeter, arranger and music professor at McGill University). (For more information go to Articles and Links)

As a musician from a very musical family and as a piano technician, Tim's main focus is the enjoyment you derive from your piano whether you are a casual or professional pianist.

Sullivan plays a composition on his own piano at his Huntsville home.